New Vessel

The Task


Broken Bay 30 is now just over ten years old.  It was launched in April 2009 and delivered to Broken Bay in May 2009. Broken Bay 30 currently is a Steber 28 which has provided excellent service to the Unit for the past ten years.   It is Marine rescue NSW (MRNSW) policy to replace vessels when they reach ten years of active service.

Jimmy Arteaga, our Unit Commander has formed a small working group to evaluate the current MRNSW recommended 30 class vessels.  The group has conducted onsite inspections and sea trails of vessels and expects to have recommendations for Jimmy by the end of June.

The two vessels that top the list as replacements are the 10 Metre Naiad produced by Yamba Welding and the 11.38 Metre Steber  produced by Steber International.

Naiad 10 Metre


The Naiad is of alloy construction and powered by twin 250 HP Suzuki outboards with a purchase price of around the $500,000 mark which under current MRNSW policy requires the unit to contribute twenty percent.

Steber 38Ft


The Steber is of fibreglass construction and powered by twin inboard diesels of 400 to 440 HP with a purchase price of just under $1,000,000 with the unit to contribute twenty percent.


The working group is considering issues among others, such as economy of operation, service periods for the engines, crew accommodation and towing capacity.